Different Types of Water Damage

The Different Types of Water Damage

Different Types of Water Damage
There are different types of flooding, and insurance companies determine which ones are covered and which ones are not. (Photo Credit)

For homeowners water damage can just simply mean indoor flooding. As long as there is standing water inside the home that has emantated from a source within the home, that automatically is considered water damage.

But water damage has its own classifications and types. There are different types of water damage, depending on the type of flood waters that has been inundating a home.

The Balance.com explains that there are three types of water damage commonly used by insurance companies.

“Some types of water damage are pretty straightforward. It’s helpful to be familiar with three of them. When you call to make a claim and to find out if you’re covered, the insurance company may use terms like: (1) Sewer backup or water backup; (2) Overflow and discharge; (3) Flood. The source of water damage is not always obvious, so the insurance company might throw some of these terms around when you call to ask if you’re covered. For example, many people use the term “flood” to explain any kind of water in their house, but ​a flood is very specifically defined when it comes to insurance. It helps to understand insurance jargon for different types of damage so you can understand if something might be covered or not.”

Check out the whole article here.

Insurance definition of types of water damage

For some insurance companies, types of water damage are defined using scenarios. Insure.com names about seven scenarios that have this. Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration 24Hr Emergency Service Calls

“Scenario No. 3: Your washing machine overflows, flooding the basement. Are you covered? Yes. But it depends on your home insurance company’s view of the problem: Did you fail to maintain the washer properly or did sudden, accidental damage cause the flood? Usually, water from a broken appliance will be covered. Scenario No. 4: A sewer backs up, flooding your basement. Are you covered? No. Standard home insurance policies don’t cover sewer backups, and many specifically exclude damage from sewer back-ups. Special endorsements are available, at added cost, for sewers and drains.”

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Water Damage Types

Stewart.com also encouraged hoemowners to widen their coverage for water damage occurences.

“Seepage and Leakage Water Coverage. Seepage and Leakage means continuous and repeated over time (check your policy for specific timelines). Sometimes known as “slow leak coverage,” this damage generally occurs within the plumbing system resulting in a slow leak from a pipe inside the wall, shower pan, A/C pan, or even a leak in the roof. These types of situations often go undetected until the damage is so extensive that it becomes apparent through a collapsed ceiling or a severely damaged wall.”

More on this here.

Water damage has different types and classifications, It will be best to ensure that a home is covered for all the possible scenarios to minimize damage.

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