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Tips to Lower Heating and Air Conditioning Costs

No matter where one lives in the country, heating and air conditioning costs definitely eat up a huge chunk of the utility budget. After all it affects general comfort inside the home.

Fortunately, there are ways to cut down these costs and it just takes some effort on the property owner’s part.


Here are some ways to cut down heating and air conditioning costs:

  1. Use the thermostat efficiently. Make sure that the desired temperature level inside the home is not too hot nor too cold for comfort so that the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system will not overwork, using up more energy than it should. To determine this, set the thermostat of the air conditioning system to the highest temperature you can be comfortable in, and do the same with the heating system. When the HVAC system exerts more effort to warm or cool a place than it has to then bills will automatically shoot up.
  2. Make sure there are no gaps in windows and doors that may cause warm or cool air to leak out of the house. When air leaks out of the house, the HVAC will need to heat or cool the air that remains inside. Check for cracks and leaks, and work towards sealing them.
  3. Use Ceiling Fans, and similar air circulating devices. Such fans can help lower utility bills because it spreads and circulates cooler air that is being generated by the HVAC System. In fact the US Department of Energy says, ceiling fans can even lower the temperature in an air conditioned room by up to four percent allowing the HVAC system to run more efficiently.
  4. Avoid using appliances that generate too much heat during the summer. Ovens as well as other heating devices will just make the air conditioning system work double time, so avoid using these appliances especially during the warmest times of the day.
  5. Make sure that the HVAC is properly maintained. When the HVAC system is in tip top shape, it means to say that it is operating smoothly. Schedule regular maintenance checks to nip HVAC issues on the bud, and avoid costly repairs.
  6. Upgrade when you have to. An outdated HVAC System works doubly hard compared to a new one with a better Energy Star Rating. Yes an upgrade entails upfront costs, but the savings a homeowner generates will soon compensate for the cost of the upgrade.
  7. Use natural ventilation and insulation. Let trees shade windows where the Sun shines really bright and warm in an area during the summer. Ensure that the outdoor HVAC System has a shade so it can operate more efficiently. Insulate windows that do not get used. Turn off the air conditioning system during the coolest part of the day, and open windows to allow fresh air to cool the home.

With these steps, simple changes can go a long way in terms of lowering utility bills.

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